Job Tutorials - Unemployed & Conclusion

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$200 Salary

PLEASE NOTE: There are no duties/work assigned to this role. It is the default job that new players are assigned on the server. All you will receive is your salary payments.


Phew. That was a big week of indecision for Frank. All of these options and he still doesn't know which profession to choose!


Now that you are familiar with all of the jobs and their tasks, we wish you the best of luck on your employment and hope to run into you whilst you travel through this crazy little city of ours!

Don't be afraid to throw away the normal life and test out a life of crime. They say crime doesn't pay, but that's for you to find out for yourself!

After much deliberation, Frank applied for a job at River City news and quickly rose to the top.
Conquering the News World one story at a time, the River City News Anchor has found fame and fortune. Some in the city even worship him a celebrity!

How about that Frank?!


Well, he seems pleased. We'll let Frank sign off Ladies and Gentlemen.

"Goodnight and Sweet Dreams River City. You've been a stunner. Tune in tomorrow night and as always,
F*ck Tracey Grimshaw." -Frank River, Lead Anchor, River City News.

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