Change Log - Update 1.20 8/11/2019

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Hello! My apologies for the lack of updates recently, but here we go again

  • Weather/Time/Pedestrians/Traffic Distribution/Windows - All Synchronised Server Side
  • Use Your Up and Down Arrow Keys To Put Windows Up and Down
  • Tattoo Shop Changed and Updated. Tattoos are now Character Specific. All Your Old Tattoos Will Be Gone. Lots of New Options Added
  • More Tattoo Shop Locations To Be Added
  • A Black Market Location Has Changed
  • Usable Drugs have Been Removed From Bins
  • New Items in Bins
  • New Crafting Recipes - See the Discord Channel for List
  • New Garage/ Impound Location near Great Ocean Highway
  • Car Wash Prices Lowered
  • New Chat Features - /jobc to chat within your job, /311 for non emergency calls and /911 for emergency calls
  • Broken and Unusable Jobs Have Been Removed
  • All Job Salaries Have Been Adjusted
  • Auto Announcements Changed and Added
  • Whistle Added - Hold F1 When Out of A Vehicle
  • Added Effects for LSD Tabs, Blunts, Shrooms, Crack, MDMA Caps and Pingas
  • New Feature to Take a Hostage - If you have a Pistol with Ammo, type /th or /takehostage whilst close to your enemy
  • All Vehicle Trunk Sizes Have Been Adjusted and All Items Have Weight
  • New Scoreboard - Jobs now Show Correctly, Horizontal Design for Visual Improvement
  • Added Two Extra Character Slots
  • Dirty Money Cleaning System Changed - Find the Unmarked Location, Enter the Amount You Wish To Clean, Wait 24 Hours For The Return!

The East Side Ballas Have Officially Come To Town!
  • Eastside Customs Opened - Come Here for Your Detailing and Body Work Needs
  • Vanilla Unicorn Ownership Changed - Look Out For Ads For When The Unicorn Will Be Opening
  • Custom Lowriders - Look Out for Them Showing Them Off on the Streets
  • Fortified Home Area - The Ballas Have Purchased The Cul-de-sac on Grove Street and Barricaded Up - Police and Civilian Beware Going Down There, Don't Wanna Be Caught Trespassing!

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